BinkyJack The Nuclear Kitten

BinkyJack The Nuclear Kitten

by Judy N.
(Margate, FL)

In Oct 2007 my father passed away. I had fulfilled his last wish to “just come home…”. I cared for him 24/7 between September 10 and his passing on October 9th. The hospice was helpful in arranging for this transition from Nursing Home/Hospital/ to home.

He was my best friend and with his passing the void was incredible. Please bear with me…if you are wondering what this has to do with my “Nuclear Kitten” story…I have two brothers and a sister. They are driven, successful, have many “things” – but the “void” after my father, Jack- passed away – became even more profound…My siblings, decided my youngest brother Jay should be my father’s healthcare surrogate…Well, in the State of Flor-i- DAH…the law is based on a vote of all siblings.

The fact I am the only one who acted as patient advocate, has a medical education, attended Dr visits with Dad for 20 years, knew his Med. history backwards and in Latin…I, less successful from a material standpoint – “the runt” – smallest, weaker, but the caregiver, always…was outvoted three to one.

I went to an attorney, was given needed paperwork, arranged at the Nursing Home a meeting which included 4 witnesses – myself and of course my Dad. This was in April 07.

When my siblings found out that Dad and I had successfully made their 75% majority vote a moot point, they would not speak to me and barely spoke to my Dad – my dying (their dying-Dad)…The “VOID” began before his death in Oct 07…My cat, “BINKY” died in Mar 07- (13 yrs old)…But my time was so preoccupied visiting dad every night at the hospital or Assisted living Facility after work. I never grieved “Binky’s” passing as I had with “ZEUS”, a 15 yrs old black male – who played the piano – when I came home from work.

SO, THE VOID OF ALL VOIDS was filled Nov 1 when I adopted a black kitten. He had “pinkeye” then an URI – both tx’d. Hence he was named BINKYJACK- after my cat and Dad.

He was a runt- but what began as a shortish, medium haired kitty with health problems turned into an ever evolving feline like no other.

By 5 months he was a very huge furry longhaired kitty! Then his color “”black” was changing! (I thought he ate one too many chameleons). His undercoat turned a smokey grey with tufts of fur between his toes. A nature-sweet, loving “puppycat”.

Forever my friend, buddy and pal. He has no “papers” but IS a MAINE COON right down to his baby cry that has stayed the same since he was 2 lbs to his present 22lbs. So, out of difficulty and strife and grieving came this fantastic pal. He is watching me type this, never leaves my side unless in hot and always successful pursuit of a chameleon!


BinkyJack The Nuclear Kitten to Maine Coon Cats

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BinkyJack The Nuclear Kitten

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Dec 20, 2009 nuclear kitty
by: Jan Plant

God Bless you for caring for your father.I am my mate’s 24/7 careprovider,he suffered two strokes and son was leaving him in hospital.I stepped in and got him home and now he is MUCH improved.Of course I’l be alone and an outcast once again when he’s gone,but the humans can booger off.I have my animals who’ll love me and stand by me,just as you do.Your animals will always stand by you and love you,even when “family” doesn’t.Bravo for you for standing up! Thank you for sharing your story.

Dec 20, 2009 Beautiful Story!
by: Anonymous

It’s wonderful that you found such an amazing new companion and just in the nick of time, from the sounds of it! I’d love to see a photo of your BinkyJack, he sounds gorgeous!

I adore Maine Coons, my Brother had two and they used to give them a “Lion clip” in the summer… the red one looked JUST like a mini lion! LOL… have you ever seen one of the clips on a MC??

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