Bird species not under threat from cats but from people (climate change)

For years I have been blowing the trumpet of reason while defending the cat who is consistently maligned by bird conservationists for destroying bird populations (one example of many articles on PoC). The bird conservationists have been shouting loud and long that the stray cat is a threat to native bird species in the USA. I have consistently said that people are by far the biggest bird killers. New and shocking research over a seven year period has concluded that climate change (global warming caused by people) threatens more than half of the bird species in the USA.

Birds forced to migrate due to climate change.
Birds forced to migrate due to climate change. Photo via Climate Kids
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We are not talking about a reduction in the numbers of birds of a specific species, this is about potential mass extinctions of whole bird species in North America. We all know that some cats prey on birds but they are down the list of prey items but this research is about the extinction of bird species, something far greater and serious.

I feel like saying, “I told you so” but the truth is too sad to waste time gloating. It is also ironic that the National Audubon Society which is behind this research because they have on occasions written scathing reports about the stray cat, recommending urgent action against it.

There are 650 bird species in the USA so 325 species are under threat because of humankind’s total inability to behave sensibly in preserving nature and the planet.

Humankind has distanced himself from nature and as a consequence is unable to grasp the degree of damage that commercial activity has upon nature.

A massive march is planned for New York: The People’s Climate March; 300,000 people are expected.

Taking steps to reduce climate change has been a catastrophic failure of our leaders. A major reason why they have been so ineffectual is because the financial crash of 2008 diverted energies to recovering the economies of countries. Climate change was put on the back burner. The leaders decided that it is too expensive to save the bloody planet! It is gross short-sightedness as usual.

I hope that this shattering news shuts up the cat haters’ criticisms of the cat as a predator of birds, once and for all.

It is time for cat criticisers to turn the spotlight on themselves. People are the primary bird killers and it ever was thus even before climate change because of loss of habitat and buildings etc..

We have to think even bigger than conserving the bird species. If we go on ignoring the effects on nature of economic growth as the only model for life it will be humankind that needs conserving as well.

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8 thoughts on “Bird species not under threat from cats but from people (climate change)”

  1. I love birds but, unfortunately, they are prey to cats and a few other sprecies who just love to invade their nests. Bird eggs are a delicacy afterall to skunks, weasels, raccoons, and others.

    Cats aren’t the real problem. I have indoor/outdoor acts and completely outdoor cats which include some ferals. They are well fed and have very little interest in hunting birds. They are more interested in the dead, flat frog in the middle of the road.

    I have no problem, with neighbors who hang bird feeders, but I always tell them that doing so means potential cat food. It’s up to them.

    And, no, even though I have some strictly indoor cats, I am not willing to restrict the others who have had full freedom for a long time. Again, a bird is only of interest to them, but the bunny on the ground will get their full attention.

    • I agree that cats are not the problem that some scientists say they are but with this research the significance of the cat as a predator is diminished further. It is time that people really started to focus on themselves and stop trying to pass. the buck.

  2. There may be several reasons to worry about birds. But if you really think cats don’t kill birds then you have your head in the sand. I love cats and have 2, which I keep inside where they lead safe happy lives. But I also love birds and have many bird feeders and houses. It’s irresponsible to let cats out to wander and kill. If you must let them out, at least put on a collar with a bell, especially in the spring time when there are fledgling babies who can’t fly very well and are sitting targets. The bells may help, but keeping the cats inside is the only way to really save the birds. The cats don’t need birds to survive, it’s just a game for them. Give them a toy. Feral cat communities are another story and they kill for food and pleasure. It’s a complicated issue, but why do we have to take a side? Hate cats or love birds. We can be both and be a responsible cat owner and protect our birds at the same time. KEEP YOUR PET CATS INSIDE, ESPECIALLY IN THE SPRING.

    • Hi Betti, l did not say that cats don’t prey on birds. I said that people are a much more serious threat and according to this research whole species of birds could be wiped out. Cats can’t do that. The point I am making is that if we want to protect birds lets focus on ourselves first.

      • Well I agree that we are a problem also, included in the several reasons to worry about birds that I stated. I hate to see the dead doves hunters have shot etc. I agree with you that humans are a big problem to birds and all animals, I just believe lets focus on all of it, including ourselves and including cats and do what we can on each front. It all adds up.


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