Birdie My Maine Coon Cat

by Christie
(Texas, United States of America)

Maine Coon Cat Birdie
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This is Birdie My Maine Coon Cat! He loves his chicken legs!

Birdie is aptly named because he flies around, busy Birdie. He also talks & I tell him he squawks like a bird. His real name is Merlin (a beautiful Hawk) in Flight. Birdie is a loving, silver Maine Coon who lives for his raw chicken leg.

He gets one or two once a week. Birdie acts like a wild cat with his chicken leg but is actually a very sweet boy. He is my sweetie who goes to work with me & if he is not there, people want to know where Birdie is.


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Birdie My Maine Coon Cat

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Dec 05, 2009Another Birdie Love
by: Sabrina

I have a cat named Birdie and her middle name is LOVE, also. I thought I was the only one who would name their cat after a bird. LOL I named her that because she would, and still does, run and FLY around the house like a crazy bird. I talk to her and she answers back!!!

Sep 16, 2009Name
by: Anonymous

I love “Birdie Love” as a first and middle name. Now, what is her last name? “Cat” no it can’t be that. Please tell us Birdie Lover…Has she been given your surname?

Sep 15, 2009Birdie Lover
by: Birdie Lover

I also have a cat named Birdie, and I named her that for the same reason. She flies around the house like a BIRD. She is also very talkative and loving….thus Birdie the Cat. Her middle name is LOVE….Birdie Love.

Jul 14, 2009safe
by: kathy

is it really safe for cats to eat raw chicken i was always told that raw meat wasn’t all that good for them especially the bones can splinter and cut their insides but then they probably use raw meat when they make their food

Jul 12, 2009Birdie,the coon cat
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

“Taking your cat to work? Unheard in Mumbai, unless you youself own the company, industry or office.
Surprised to hear this, all the best to “birdie”, a hilarious companion at the workplace, i presume.

Jul 11, 2009Cats & Work
by: Michelle

Love Birdie and the fact you take him to work. I think we would all enjoy work more if we could take our cats with us and it would brighten up the lives of our cat companions too(as long as we kept our jobs…:).

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