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Birds Are Not More Important Than Cats — 6 Comments

  1. This is the same as saying that this generation owes reparations to black people for what was done when slavery was the law of the land in the US. Besides being faulty logic it is a manipulation to cause guilt at the least and more racial tension at the worst. I do not care if you do not like my opinion so do not bother flaming me, I do not care about PC. This is the same evil logic being used by bird lovers/cat haters. They are justifying that they have the right to wipe out cats due to what happened centuries ago. It is not relevant how cats got here. Again a manipulation to promote their agenda from Hell at the least and increase cat killings at the most. If you torture or kill cats for any reason except humane euthanasia in the case of pain and suffering you are a psychopath who should be surrounded by birds pecking your eyes out. I think most birds are nuisances that crap all over my car, make too much noise in the morning and may try to attack my cat when she is minding her own business. Do I speak out and say birds should be wiped out? No. Do I say hiding in the bushes with binoculars is really weird and they obviously cannot get dates? No, I live and let live. So take your evil agenda and go hide in the bushes evil weirdos.

  2. The Good Lord in His wisdom gave us the wonderful creatures of this earth to care for and protect. He sure as heck made a mistake when he let the apes out of the trees to become humans!

  3. My neighbors dogs are the ones that killed my Flickers. They were nesting in the sanctuary I built to entertain my house cats.
    Here is a short list of invasive birds to consider
    •European starling.
    •House sparrow.
    •Cattle egret.
    •Mute swan.
    •Rock pigeon.
    •Common myna.
    •Canada goose.
    Migration happens naturally and with the help of humans. All of the birds above compete with native birds for space, nesting grounds and food.
    Perhaps the bird lovers so concerned with native species should start by demanding that invasive species be eradicated. BTW the most common bird my feral cats and herd of strays depopulated were the sparrows leaving openings for many native and a few rare birds of NM.
    Blame the cat doesn’t work. Blame the subdivision

  4. I would think that the rat and mouse population would be much higher(especially in the homes of people who own cats) if cats were completely eliminated in the U.S.

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