Birds of prey advocate talks about leaving the Avian Conservation Center

Posted by Irene Williams Rice on October 14, 2018

Foreword by Elisa: I ran across Irene’s post on Facebook and thought it interesting. Although PoC is primarily a cat site, I wanted to show there’s disharmony in most areas of animal rescue. This article concerns the bird community and the Avian Conservation Center located in Awendaw, South Carolina. For more details check out Irene’s Facebook page. 

courtesy Irene Williams Rice
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I just want to tell everyone that I am no longer associated with The Avian Conservation Center/The Center for Birds of Prey.

After 19 years of devoting time and money as a Senior Volunteer, rescuing and rehabilitating injured birds, I have resigned, along with the majority of the other clinic volunteers and the three paid staff members.

We have spent the last 3 months trying to work with the administration on ways to maintain the highest level of care for the birds, but all of our efforts have come to no avail. They have another plan that we aren’t allowed to have knowledge of. Many of the Volunteer Staff have reached out the Board of Directors with our concerns about the direction the clinic was heading, but we were ignored.

We cannot stand by and watch these creatures receive below-standard care at the hands of unskilled, untrained people. I will never transport any injured bird there, nor will the Center receive my support. I ask your support by doing the same, as well as sharing this post.

Irene Williams Rice

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1 thought on “Birds of prey advocate talks about leaving the Avian Conservation Center”

  1. Nepotism or cronyism. Ego.

    It’s that simple.

    My opinion: Someone on the board put a friend or family in place as a paid member as a favor. A wannabe rescuer who won’t listen to the experts. This person is recruiting new volunteers and changing procedure.

    And forcing the ouster of experienced rescuers. That’s the only reason not to make new SOP public knowledge.

    The reputation of this conservatory will suffer.

    One of her Facebook posts showed volunteers with no protective gear. Nuts. I wear gloves when changing Kitty litter.

    Hopefully this mass resignation will send a wake-up call.


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