Birman Cat and Jessica

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci – cat quotes. The Birman is an imposing cat and medium to large in size. The fur does not mat easily. The head is round and broad. The Birman has a well-balanced personality it is said.

They have a “peaceful nature”. This makes them suitable for families who have children, other cats and dogs. Although Gloria Stephens in legacy of the cat says that this breed is “resistant to disease” and “robust” a report says that it suffers from inbreeding (this may be USA related and not UK – see Birman health). Inbreeding can lead to genetic diseases.

Birman cat and charming young girl Jessica

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Birman Cat with Jessica – photo copyright Helmi Flick.

I think this is a self (solid) lilac pointed Birman cat. If not lilac it is blue pointed. These two colours are very similar when seen in photographs.

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