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“Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!” – Theophile Gautier – cat quotes. Do cats have souls? Of course, why shouldn’t they? They also have individual personalities. This is something that scientists have only recently understood. Scientists tend to reduce animals other than the human animal to automatons to be studied and researched and researched upon.

Birman cat Angel in a collage

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One of the remarkable aspects of this sacred cat of Burma is the precision with which the “gloves” and “laces” (the white fur on the paws) always stop at the “wrist”. This has been achieved through precise selective breeding over many years to manage the workings of the “gloving gene” (white spotting or piebald gene).

One of the defects (for cat breeders who show their cats) of gloving is that it can run up the legs. These are called “runners”. Another cat with precision gloving is the Snowshoe cat.

The Birman is semi-long haired and a pointed cat. The breed is known for its legendary history. They are quite large and “imposing in appearance”1. Read lots more: Birman Cat.

Before I stop writing I am going to stick my neck right out and be prepared to be shot down in flames by saying that I think Angel is a tortie point – perhaps a lilac tortie point. Wrong? Please leave a comment.

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1. Legacy of the Cat by Gloria Stephens and Tetsu.

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