Birman Cat Picture of Angel

Birman cat picture

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This is a classic Helmi Flick Birman cat picture of Angel. Angel is a particolor pointed purebred cat. Pointing is when the extremities of the cat are darker than the rest of the fur. Particolor pointing is when the pointing is split into regular pointing and white areas. This occurs on the paws of Angel and other Birman cats. It is what distinguishes this cat breed from the others.

The Birman is a semi-longhaired cat breed. The white feet are called “gloves”. The white fur is produced by the presence of the piebald gene and the placement is due to a pattern gene.

You can imagine how hard it has been over many years to create this “gloving” appearance on the feet. There was a tendency for the white fur to cover more than the feet. Selective breeding eliminated that tendency. The white patches of fur on the hind feet are called “laces”. This is classic cat fancy speak.

The history of the Birman in the West began in around 1919 when they were shipped from Burma to France. Before that the origins are shrouded in legend. And if we are honest it is complete legend. You probably won’t find a single cat like the Birman in Burma! Sorry is that sounds a bit harsh.

The Birman is a well-balanced, tolerant cat breed. This makes them potentially good with children.

Angel has delicate pointing. Is she a cream point? Apparently the Birman coat does not mat, making for easier maintenance.

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