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Birman Cat Picture

Photo: copyright Helmi Flick.

Here’s some information:

(my words) based on Helmi Flick’s notes on this fantastic Birman cat picture of “Angel”.The photograph was taken at New Braunfels, Texas, April 2004 Cat Show.

“Angel” is an 8 month old Blue Torbie Point Birman Female.

Although cat breeders will want to show off the white parts of the front and back paws called the gloves (front paws, obvious I guess) and laces (back paws), it is nice to capture a dynamic moment like this, which has a lot of life and energy.

The hard part as can be imagined is capturing a pleasing and workable position in a fast moving situation. Helmi says it is largely down to Ken her husband the cat wrangler. It is a success if the cat’s head is pointing up and the eyes can be seen, as is the case here.

Angel has used her tail for balance, hanging over the edge of the table behind her. I personally, also like the color, the background color is perfectly suited. Also Angel looks very contented, with a broad smile in this lovely Birman cat picture. She seems to be in perfect balance and enjoying herself. Love it.

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