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Birth of a New Cat Breed — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Mr. Harrison, I have some Questions about the Aphrodite cat, so I would like to contact you privately, but I cant find some email adress. May you can sent me your adress?

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  3. The unpublished but widely available 2012 Turkish Cat Genetics Study by Prof Leslie Lyons, et al, attempts to justify the Cyprus Aphrodite as a distinct East Mediterranean breed found only on Cyprus. In fact the genetic markers for the Aphrodite are identical to the Turkish Angora or Ankara kedisi samples from Marmaris and the Ankara Zoo and others, as proven by the raw genetic data contained in the same report. She thus denies that cats from Turkey and the Ankara Zoo are the legitimate Turkish Angoras, and in order to protect the American cat fancy Turkish Angora impostors, she assigns those native Turkish cats together with the Aphrodites to the same newly invented Cyprus Group. At least this does clarify that they are the same breed! But that breed is not the Aphrodite but the ancient Turkish Angora. Upon discovering that the American Angora differs from bona fide Turkish samples a new set of Turkish samples was miraculously created out of thin air which matched the American Angora’s DNA signatures. These same old random-bred Turkish street cat samples had been used in the 2007 The Ascent of Cat Breeds study and showed no relationship to American Angoras. Now they had mitaculously metamorphosed into matching samples. Unfortunately for that to be credible there is the published Tuft’s Lyons Conferences phylogenetic tree which shows American Angoras are a melange of American and European breeds and not Turkish at all! Therefore we have the hilarious spectacle of a world renowned genetics Professor telling us that Turkish random bred cats found in the streets of Istanbul and Ankara are actually American and European cats plus Siamese and Egyptian Maus, and that the ancient Turkish Angoras as found in the Ankara Zoo are actually Cyprus cats. This humiliating performance is on account of a feeble-minded attempt to authenticate the American Angora impostor instead of having the courage to tell the truth. In short there is no such breed as the Aphrodite or the St Helen, and the American cat fancy Angora is a fake. As a result the permitted out-crossing of Ankara Zoo cats with cat fancy Angoras is an idiosyncratic out-crossing between unrelated breeds. And the farce goes on. PLEASE NOTE THAT MY ABOVE STATEMENTS ARE BASED ON RAW GENETIC DATA AND ARE NOT OPINIONS.

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