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Bittering Agents Saving The Lives of Cats? — 14 Comments

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  2. I’ve had a reply now too

    Halfords Auto
    5 April 10:22
    Hi Ruth
    Thank you so much for taking the time to contact us, we at Halfords value any feedback.
    We will most certainly be passing your comments on to our category teams and also our quality team who work hard to ensure we deliver our products to a high standard.
    Many thanks
    Social Media Team

    • It’s good, isn’t it? The response is a bit formulaic but you actually got a response and the fact they put bittering agent in their antifreeze tells me that someone at Halfords is thinking.

  3. Yes well done Barbara, you put me to shame, I haven’t thanked them yet but I will because as Michael says, it can only do good for cat welfare.

  4. I sent Halfords a message via Facebook and here is their reply:-

    Halfords Auto
    2 April 09:35

    Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for taking the time to contact us, we really appreciate our Customer feedback and have passed on your comments to the Category Managers Thank you again and we hope you had a wonderful Easter! Social Media Team

  5. Good on Halfords and yes we must make the effort to thank them and to ask other firms why they are not doing the same.
    I will be writing to the government again too about making it law.

  6. This is great news. It was always one of my big fears in winter in Canada. I hope this becomes widespread. IT’s lethal stuff even in tiny amounts.

  7. Yes that is very good news and I think it would be a good idea to follow Barbara’s idea to thank Halfords and we could also contact other manufacturers and ask if they are doing it too and if not, why not, when Halfords are!
    I think cats would sniff it mixed in food, as you say Michael they have an excellent sense of smell.

    • Thanks Ruth. I agree, we should see if we have the energy to ask other manufacturers to follow suit. There are probably thousands of cats killed yearly or at least many hundreds because of antifreeze in the UK. We don’t know.

      How many wild animals are killed? No one is keeping a record, unsurprisingly. The UK needs to sharpen up.

  8. That’s really good news, I didn’t know Halfords were doing that and I agree they deserve praise for it, I think I’ll look for their Facebook and Twitter pages and put something on. It would be good if all manufacturers followed their lead, thanks for the information Michael.

    • Thanks Barbara. It is good news. I am a bit surprised to be honest! I don’t think that much of Halfords but they have gone up in my esteem.

      The motivation was probably saving kids not cats 😉 True?

      • Do you think many kids would try antifreeze? I suppose some are daft enough 😉 anyway I’ve messaged Halfords on FB and Twitter to say a big thank you. We don’t normally go to Halfords (and don’t do our own antifreeze but that’s a thought I might insist the garage uses it with bitrex) but have a good impression of them since an employee of theirs kindly put some new windscreen wiper blades on for us when we hadn’t a clue a good few years ago now.

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