Bizarre alleged crime in which a 37-year-old woman was caught red-handed ‘taking her cat to Jesus’

EDGEWATER, Florida, USA: The woman concerned, Amanda Goodwin, was caught red-handed trying to allegedly drown her cat in a water-filled culvert pipe and putting mud on her cat. Amanda Goodwin, herself was wet and covered in mud. There is no doubt that she was causing the cat great distress and when the witness talked to her it’s alleged that she made outlandish statements about Jesus hence the reference to “taking her cat to Jesus”.

Goodwin with cat in culvert
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Goodwin with cat in culvert

Hubble wet and trapped

Hubble wet and trapped



It’s alleged that Amanda Goodwin was trying to kill the cat, probably her cat, and in doing so letting her cat go over the rainbow bridge to Jesus. The cat’s name is Hubble. After her arrest Goodwin changed her story and told the police that she took her cat to the drainage for water because he was hot. She was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Hubble has been taken to the Edgewater Animal Shelter and it is hoped that he will make a full recovery.

Comment: As mentioned, Goodwin is facing a charge of animal cruelty. However, you have to at least presume at this stage that Amanda Goodwin is not mentally well. Clearly that must be in the equation when medical assessments are made to confirm that Goodwin is able to enter a plea at the first hearing. It seems to me that she might not be able to make a plea as to whether she is guilty or not guilty and it may be doubtful that she is fit to stand trial. But perhaps her condition is temporary. I hope so. This may be an extreme assessment but there is something wrong quite clearly.

Culvert = a tunnel carrying a stream or open drain under a road or railway.

Reported on FOx 35.

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