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Bizarre humans: pets can’t get and transmit Covid-19 but they are being killed by their thousands in China — 8 Comments

  1. Seriously Anon crawl back under the rock you came from, Chinese are stupid and ignorant, blame it on bats and those nasty evil markets there and now they are open again, chinese government are evil and arrogant, cats and dogs are innocent

  2. The virus can remain viable on soft surfaces (cardboard, paper, textiles) for more than 24 hours. On hard surfaces (plastics & metals, copper being an exception) up to more than 3 days.

    Your free-roaming cat that you just hugged or let walk on your Covid-19 infected surfaces, you having Covid-19 and spreading it throughout your house, your free-roaming cat now rubs noses with the neighbors’ free-roaming cats. Every human that comes in contact with those free-roaming cats or any surfaces that those cats touched for the next 2 days (or many days more, depending on how far you let your cat roam) now becomes infected with Covid-19. And so it goes ….

    I cannot believe you are all this FUCKING STUPID. You ALL deserve to die from Covid-19. Then there’ll be far less astronomically-stupid genes in the human gene-pool.

    Covid-19 is a VERY good reason to poison or shoot ALL free-roaming pets and fine their owners.

  3. There was another time when cats were killed by their thousands, being blamed for disease.

    Dark Ages. Black Death.

    Killing the cats meant even more rats spreading even more plague. What comes around…

    Am I a bad person hoping that they end up in a similar situation because of their acts? Then again, it would just spread to us as well.

    • Too bad that you are so ignorant of how “The Plague” spread throughout the world. Cats also contract it and spread it. Many people in the last 3 decades in the USA have DIED from cat-transmitted “Black Death”. I suggest you educate yourself before you decide to continue proliferating the well-known concept that ALL cat-owners are just Toxoplasma gondii controlled brain-dead MORONS.

  4. From the very beginning of the #COVID19Pandemic I said that the now mutated virus can´t be transmitted between animals/pets any humans anymore, the animal virus was transmitted by the consumption of the meat of infected animals in China!!!

    • Thanks Marion. I am just writing on this topic and the experts agree with you but they say they are not 100% sure. I guess that is partly why the Chinese have killed these animals plus they are scared and when people are scared they do bad things.

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