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Bizarre incident in which a cat sanctuary is broken into and cats are missing and dead — 9 Comments

  1. In my opinion, this is a complete lie on the part of the sanctuary. It smells of sensationalism.
    There are only 2 reasons why a sanctuary would be broken into. The first would be to free caged or abused animals (YEH!). The second would be to steal valuables, and I’m not reading that any tech equipment was stolen.
    The cats found in a cage was an obvious plant. The one killed in the road was an unfortunate accident (Shame on these idiot people).
    The objective, ofcourse, was to elicit sympathy and raise money.
    Sadly, it would be a hard case to prove.

  2. This is indeed bizarre. With dog fighting constantly in the news, one can’t help wondering if the still missing cats will become bait.

      • It’s fairly easy to get cats.
        The rescue needs to go through it’s records. Was someone turned down. Was there a dispute over the ownership of a cat. Have any of the volunteers had a weird encounter.
        Rescues have been known to stage fake animal rescues and illness to raise money but this would take the cake.
        I’m smelling some cat hate.

  3. It is not far fetched as it may seem several times area rescues have been broken into equipment stolen, fans, small air conditioning units, donation jars, plus cats and doge let out of cages and the building. Is it any different then teenagers breaking into the schools office dumping files stealing lap tops writing on walls, breaking windows and what ever damage they can do.

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