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Bizarre Pet Laws USA – is it illegal to imitate animals in Miami? — 6 Comments

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  2. Some of the “one up” laws that seem so strange here in the United States are enacted by local jurisdictions (City Councils, County Commissions, etc) to address the activities of single individuals.

    There was discussion at one time in this little berg of enacting a law barring men (one in particular) from “Smoking Cigars worth less than One Dollar in the presence of a Lady”. I swear to god, this man had a supply of cheap cigars that smelled like the bottom of a bird cage was on fire when he lit them. His defense of “Name one real Lady in this town!” sufficed to block passage of the amendment.

    Often times, ancient or archaic laws are brought into play to curb undesired activities by individuals. One of my brothers was once brought under the jurisdiction of an archaic law that required he inform the local Constables by telegram or messenger bearing written notice – 24 hours in advance, minimum – that he was coming to town. Further, the law required he be preceded 100 feet by a sober man of legal age swinging a red lantern declaring loudly enough for people to hear from their front porch “Make way for Herbert, Herbert is coming into town!”

    (true story. I may be a bit rough and tumble, but brother Herb makes me seem like a Girl Scout)

    I recently petitioned my State Legislature to not remove an item of archaic language from tour State Constitution, as they had proposed: they desired to remove the terms “Imbeciles, Idiots and the Truly Insane” from the State Constitution. Those terms afforded me – and others of my then-legal-status certain protections and considerations (and $5 US Dollars off of a fishing license).

    They ignored me. Such is the plight of the imbeciles, idiots and the truly insane of North Dakota.

    Laws regarding animals are likely to be passed without much concern for constitutionality. There was discussion once – in the last town my late wife and I lived in – of making it illegal to name your dog “Air Raid”.

    I bet you can guess why, and what our dog’s name was.

    (the dog’s name was her idea. She would pee herself laughing as she hid behind the curtains and watched the old neighbor fellow stand in the middle of his yard every evening and loudly call our dog over for treats.

    Rudolph.A.Furtado, we don’t call it “the West” here. We refer to it as “The Wild, Wild West!”

  3. Are these facts or just humour. As a Indian from Mumbai find these laws hilarious akin to a cartoon show.If genuine then its the height of eccentricity of us humans in First World Country’s,popularly known as the “West”.

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