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Bizarre Theory: Cats Trigger Islamic Extremism — 6 Comments

  1. Yes I find it bizarre and totally ridiculous too and cat haters use anything they can to try to convince us cat lovers that cats are dangerous to have around.
    Far more dangerous are the human species who go on spreading hatred and disease!

    • It’s so stupid it is ridiculous, technically speakiing. Sometimes when the nay sayers come out with real corkers like this it just makes them look like total idiots. I’ve not heard of thereligionofpeace dot com but it looks like this is where that came from.

  2. Lol – it is indeed a fun theory. It must be true for at least one instance shall we say. One person out there is a toxoplasmotic psycho with extremist tendencies. Yes, I agree, in the context of how our ecosystem works and sustains itself you can very safely say that humanity is mad. If aliens came here and studied us and saw that we are using up our planets resources quicker than they can be replenished they too would think we were about as dumb and stupid as they come in the universe. A sort of self destructing organism that takes all the others down with it too. A serious kind of loser in the cosmic sense.

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