Bizarrely Misguided Houston Humane Society Declaws Cats On The Cheap

I was surprised to see that the Houston Humane Society provide a discount declaw service as part of a commendable spay and neuter service. I’ll keep this short but it has to be stated.

On this page, the Houston Humane Society really impressed me – initially. No deposit or appointment is needed, you simply turn up having paid a non-refundable $30 prepayment and you get your cat spayed or neutered together with post-operative pain medication and some additional treatments while your cat is under anaesthetic (if spayed). As far as I recall male cats are not put under a general anaesthetic for neutering.

As I went down the list of services that they provided I noted that the Humane Society provided “Declaw (Front Only) (cats only) – (includes pain reducer injection and 3 days of take-home meds)”. Next to this this line is an asterix (*) and the words “must be performed at time of spay/neuter surgery”. This is a discount declaw package.

The price for this declaw surgery is $60. A very cheap price indeed, it seems to me. So this so called “humane” society can alter your cat and declaw him or her for $120.

The service is a bizarre mix of good and evil. Spaying and neutering cats is considered a good thing because it prevents unwanted births and more unwanted cats. In the long-term, and taken as a whole, these operations must be considered “humane”.

It is impossible for anyone with any sense of morality and decency and genuine concern for cat welfare to consider declawing a cat as “humane”. After all it is a criminal offence in many countries. Declawing goes beyond immorality into criminality. Therefore it cannot be considered a humane thing to do to a cat.

Hence the title to this article. Huston Humane Society have lost their moral compass and have become bizarrely misguided into believing that declawing cats as part of a package of operations is a humane procedure. It is not and please don’t fool yourself that it is. It is the damned opposite.

To me, it shows how deeply rooted the act of declawing a cat is in the psyche of many Americans, even those people whose genuine intention is to assist cats and improve cat welfare. To believe that cat declawing is acceptable never mind humane is an example of mass self-disception.


  1. I am not judging anyone. I am just observing and noting the bizarre nature of events.
  2. There are many articles on declawing on PoC. Please use the search box to find them – thanks.
  3. Thanks to Ruth aka for spotting this.

6 thoughts on “Bizarrely Misguided Houston Humane Society Declaws Cats On The Cheap”

  1. You cannot imagine my horror when I saw this on their website when printing out information to help coworkers get their animals spayed/neutered. I was going to report to the “Declaw Hall of Shame” like Ruth suggested, but after looking on their website page I do not believe it is active any longer.

  2. There’s nothing humane about that, what a massive let down to cats and people who care about cats for declawing to be offered at knock down price like that, how on earth is it ever going to be stopped when so called humane societies encourage people to mutilate their cats and give them a discount on it too, plus – lets not forget this bit – pain reducer injection. REDUCER, so that’s going to leave a hell of a lot of pain behind considering that it is proven that declawing is excruciating for cats.

  3. A very good write up thank you Michael, you do this sort of article so well!
    I was shocked when a member of our facebook anti declaw group posted about it on there.
    HUMANE society is an oxymoron!
    She has arranged a ‘declawing awareness day’
    It’s so good to see more Americans joining the quest to educate about the cruelty of declawing, only ‘people power’ can stop it.
    Advertising declawing is so very wrong because it encourages people who wouldn’t even have thought about it.

  4. Not so uncommon, Michael.
    Clinics everywhere here offer what they think is an attractive packaged deal.
    As you well know, it’s all about money and we know who really pays the price.


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