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Black-and-red cat used in dog fighting rescued

Cosmo. Due to be used in a dog fight but rescued. Photo: Southside Animal Shelter.

This is a good picture of a sweet cat who was destined I suspect to be used in a dog fight where the participants paint cats different colours and place bets on how long they’ll survive when placed with a fighting dog. It also trains and sharpens up the dog for a dog fight.

He was found in an industrial area and rescued by a UPS driver. He was close to the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis and took the cat there. They named him Cosmo.

As you can see, they said that all the white parts of his fur were painted red. He has been cleaned up. He needs neutering and some weight putting on but he is safe. He was lucky and thanks to the UPS driver for taking action.

Cosmo recuperating and cared for at Southside Animal Shelter who took the photo.

You probably know that cats are also sometimes used in the training of dogs. They get their dogs to kill cats to train them and get them in form for a fight. The whole thing is disgusting in the extreme.

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