Black-and-white dwarf cat becomes an Instagram star

The dwarf cat is still popular. The founding dwarf cat is the Munchkin. Manchester is almost 2-years-of-age and a social media star. Alexander Ushakov, 36, bought “Manchester” when he was 4 months old. The fact that he bought him indicates that Manchester is a purebred dwarf cat, a Munchkin. He might not be as we are not told. Sometimes the genetic mutation which causes dwarfism simply occurs randomly and spontaneously in the general random bred cat population.

Manchester a dwarf cat living in Moscow
Manchester a dwarf cat living in Moscow. Photo: Jam Press from Manchester’s Instagram account.
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He lives with Alexander in Moscow, Russia and he is named after his favourite football team Manchester United. It is not surprising that he has a lot of fans (60k) on Instagram because he is adorable. I think his coat goes very well together with his four-inch legs. He is incredibly cute and people like cuteness because cuteness means friendliness and niceness and people like a lot of that in a world which can sometimes be distinctly the opposite.

Dwarf cats

I have lots of pages on dwarf cats on this website. They are generally a pretty healthy breed but they can suffer from two conditions which I discuss as well. You can read about those potential health issues by clicking on this link. I have to say that Manchester looks very healthy.

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