Black Angel Persian Kitten

by Jaxeena Mahesh

My Black Angel Boy

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My Black Angel Boy

Black Angel is my first pedigree kitten. I imported him from France to Dubai. I cannot tell you guys how much I love him. His coat is so soft like silk. Loves to eat boiled beef and watch pigeons. He looks like a pug when he takes bath.

He comes to wake me up every morning rubbing his whiskers on my face. I'm getting a female kitten (black smoke) from Poland to keep him company. I would also love to see them getting babies.

It is very rare to see a pedigree cat in Dubai..........


Hi Jaxeena.... I am very excited to receive your posting as it comes from Dubai, the first from that part of the world.

It is very interesting to hear from Dubai as we so often speak of the USA and the UK and Europe when we talk of purebred cats but they are in Dubai and other parts of the world. Although it seems they are rare.

Your Black Angel boy looks fantastic. I recall making a post about black Persians on one of my blogger pages: Black Persian cats. Black cats could be healthier than cats of other colours..

I hope that you will return to show us your black smoke female when she arrives. I made a post about the black smoke coat colour on Maine Coons.

And if you want to upload more pictures feel free. Just send them to me and I'll upload them:

mjbmeister at substituting at with @

Thank you very much for visiting..Michael

Update 20th Dec:

I want to share the picture of my black smoke girl, I got from Poland. She is six months old. She is a perfect match for my Black Angel boy.......Jaxeena

Xcentric a black smoke girl Persian cat
Xcentric (black smoke girl)

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Black Angel Persian Kitten

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May 18, 2011i love great black smoke cats
by: chiny cat / gihan gihan Anonymous

i ,m one of the cat lovers ,i live in dubai ,i have pure and rare red pikifaced persian cats,the grand father was black smoke ,he looked exactly as yours his son looks the samr but he is red,i never had any black kittens in any litter,so it is good that yoyhave both black,your baby kittens are going to be black or blue, i advice you to feed them dry food (royal canin persian 30 for cats).

Jul 11, 2010NICE KITTY...
by: Rocky

hey nice kitten...


@Ali - m lookin for a persian kitten , m from India/Mumbai... please contact me if possible...

- 9930885191

Jul 06, 2010Persian Cats
by: Ali

Hay man.She is so beautiful...I have 15 Persian cats back home in India.I breed them ..can u plz advice from were to buy a pure flat face persian cats.I am looking for 5 to 10.i have farm back home of 500 acres

I have 15 cats,20 dogs,3000 pares of Australian love birds and 2000 pares of African love birds and 600 pares of indian fantail pigeons and mane more.

its will be grate help for me.



May 23, 2010My Beautiful boy
by: Michelle Mahesh


I am also an owner of this pretty young boy.

And yes he does look like a pug when he takes bath. Black Angel is very playful too. He is a very brilliant cat.

Dec 17, 2009Black Angel Persian kitten.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Beautiful "Flat-faced pedigree Persian", very difficult to breed in hot climates. Presume your cat is totally "Air-conditioned bred' otherwise the climatic conditions of Dubai are absolutely unsuitable for "Flat-Faced Persian cats".

Congratulations for maintaining your pedigree cat in excellent condition despite the climatic conditions.

Dec 17, 2009hea s beauty
by: kathy

What a beautiful cat. He is a beautiful black cat. Not too many people are fond of black cats. Im glad he found a good home with you.

Dec 17, 2009Angel face
by: Jan Plant

So far away. And yet able to share this pretty little angel with all of us.He's gorgeous.Thanks for sharing!

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