Black Beauty: Story of a Pakistani Feral Cat

Introduction by Michael:

Ahsan ul Haq
Ahsan ul Haq
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This a story by Ahsan in Pakistan. Ahsan is a feral cat caretaker who has, through first hand experience, acquired a lot of knowledge and skills in the caring of feral cats in Pakistan. Feral cats are more or less the same the world over and face similar difficulties in surviving. They need our help not our persecution.

Black feral cat in Pakistan cared for by Ahsan
Black feral cat in Pakistan cared for by Ahsan

The story is in PDF format prepared by Ahsan. This is a universal format. Please click on the link below to be taken to the story (a new window is opened):

Black Beauty: Story of a Pakistani Feral Cat

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4 thoughts on “Black Beauty: Story of a Pakistani Feral Cat”

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Thank you for this lovely story Ahsan, you have such a wonderful way with cats! Just like Dee here who also cares for many ferals. I am filled with admiration for both of you.
    I love the picture of Black Beauty x

  2. Like everything that you write, your story of Black Beauty is beautiful.
    She was young when she came, and you know that is the perfect stage to turn them around from feral to friendly.
    Good job!

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