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Black cat brought back from death’s door who now nurses sick cats — 10 Comments

  1. This is a lovely story and what a beautiful nature Radamenes has.

    I have a soft spot for black cats as I’ve always found them to be very gentle and loving.

  2. Thanks Michael! I couldn’t help but think of you when I read about Radamenes. This story seems to be right up your alley and I knew your readers would enjoy reading about how wonderful cats are.

    We have a dog who is the same way with people, especially children. If they are sad, upset, crying, etc. she will come along and kiss their tears away, until they laugh. She got the nickname “Nurse Tongue” because of her kisses. 😀 She has even taught the younger dog to do the same. Thankfully, she has not been around any sick animals, so I don’t know how she would react to them. Hopefully the same way.

  3. We’ve all seen pictures of cats comforting or cuddling with other animals. And of course, there are the cats who can tell when a person is near death in nursing homes.

    I wonder if there isn’t a change in chemistry that the cat detects. It might be the same with these shelter animals. But this cat is almost beyond belief at how he seems to minister like a nurse would.

    It could be that he is a reincarnation of a highly compassionate being. Not all cats comfort their guardians when distressed or in pain, but many do.

    Mitzy’s mother was a stray that I fed, and brought in to sleep with me when I was so depressed, and she laid on my chest with her paws near my face. It was very comforting, but not that unusual for a cat to do.

    I remember seeing the cat who kneaded a cat who had been hit by a car, and was still laying dead in the street.

    These are part of the many cat mysteries that we’ll probably never understand or be able to rationally explain.

    • I didn’t know you believed in angels. I would be nice to get into the head of this cat and understand what was going on.

      Update: I misread your comment. I missed out the “If”… 😉 I agree with you.

  4. very lovely!! Of course, I am not surprised as cats seem to be the best at intuitively knowing when someone needs them, and are GREAT comforters!! GREAT story !!!!! ♥♥♥♥

    • Over the years, we have seen quite a lot of stories like this and I hope it makes people understand the domestic cat a bit better and makes people treat the domestic cat a bit better.

  5. I have tears in my eyes. This is truly beautiful.
    Of course animals understand, it’s ‘us’ humans who are yet to understand them completely!

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