Black cat calms crying baby with gentle touch

Cat calms crying baby with his gentle touch
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Cat calms crying baby with his gentle touch? True or no cause and effect?

What do you make of this? The big question is does this black cat calm the crying baby and lull him back to sleep by his gentle touch or is it all a coincidence without cause and effect? We know that cats sometimes form friendships with babies and we also know that cats like to touch us. They often do what we see in the video; stretch out their foreleg to touch us on the hand or arm. And we see cats who are friendly with each to the same thing.

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It is possible and reasonable to speculate that the cat in the video wanted to touch the baby and shortly thereafter, by pure chance, the baby stopped crying and being agitated in his sleep. In other words, there is no connection between the two. There is no cause and effect. What do you think? Whatever you think, it is a cute video.

My thought: It is distinctly possible that the cat’s touch helped calm the baby. I am 60% in favour of the cat having an influence on the baby’s agitation and stopping him crying. But it is far from certain.

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  1. Jane says:

    I think it perfectly reasonable for the cat to have purposefully calmed the baby. The cat may have also just wanted the baby to stop grizzlng. The cat could have learned by observation that a gentle calm touch can ward of the stormforce of a very upset baby’s crying.

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