Black cat dubbed ‘Count Catula’ (photo)

With his long lower canine and bat-like ear, rescue centre staff dubbed him “Count Catula”.

Black cat dubbed 'Count Catula' (photo)

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He’s cute for me. And my heart goes out to him. His name is Raphael. His unusual appearance with his prominent canine and a deformed ear has lead to an unwelcome celebrity on the internet but perhaps it will result in being re-homed as he is currently in the Northamptonshire branch of the RSPCA for the second time.

Black cat dubbed 'Count Catula' (photo)

Staff there believe that his unusual appearance won’t put off adopters. I am not sure that’s true though. There is a danger too of publicising him at Halloween. Some shelters don’t allow black cats to be adopted at this time of year because there are still people who believe in witchcraft and like the idea of having a black cat to jazz up proceedings.

“He does have some rather distinguishing features and a unique appearance,” RSPCA adoptions manager Emma Markham said.

Raphael is anxious around dogs. He first found his way to the charity in 2015 when his caretaker died. He re-entered the charity’s rescue center when the circumstances of the new owners changed.

Best of luck to Raphael. I hope he finds a permanent and loving home.

Source: Halloween hope for Dracula-like ‘bat cat’ – BBC News

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  1. Raphael is as handsome a they come! I adore his canine tooth and quirky ear. I absolutely love black cats. Poor Raphael is homeless for the second time since 2015. I live in the US. I wish I could take him. Sending good luck wishes to you, Raphael. Stay strong. Your forever human will find you. Thank you for posting Raphael’s story, Michael.


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