Black Cat Invades Barcelona Football Pitch

This is Spain. A black cat invades the Barcelona football pitch in their opening match of the season and Barcelona win. This has been described as the Nou Camp Black Cat. The Nou Camp is a football stadium in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It is the home of the Barcelona football club. Barcelona are one of the world’s best football clubs.

Barcelona won over Elche (3-0). The pitch invasion occurred very early on. You see, the black cat brings good luck not bad luck. Barcelona will win the Spanish premier football league this season now!

This is a longer version in which one of the commentators demonstrates his apparent dislike of cats.

4 thoughts on “Black Cat Invades Barcelona Football Pitch”

  1. I hope and pray that this frightened, disoriented cat found his way to water. Spain is well-known for their dislike of many animals. Hopefully the team was compassionate, and took good care of him (meaning, took him into their home).

    YouTube took down the second vid.

    • I saw the vid. What happened was a steward caught the cat near an exit and grabbed him, picked him up (quite nicely in fact) and the cat escaped from his grasp and went down the exit tunnel. I hope and presume he was released to the outside safely because there is a ton of activity around these matches.

      The football match commentator suggested the cat should be shot with a shotgun.


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