Black Cat Myths – Furball Fables

by Chase
(Hollywood. California)

Furball Fables

Black Cat superstitions Not True. Real Black Cat Tells The Truth!

Black cat Buddha is so nervous about talking for the very first time in such a public forum but he really felt strongly about speaking out for all black cats.

Black Cats have such a bad reputation based on senseless gossip from the dark ages. Now that it is Halloween time and you see Black Cats everywhere, it is time to set the record straight, in this new Halloween episode of Late Night Whiskers.

Happy Halloween, Stay safe, keep pets indoors!

Furball Fables

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Black Cat Myths – Furball Fables

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Oct 09, 2011
Very Nice
by: Michael

Loved your video. Very nicely done. I am impressed. Yes black cats get a bad deal. Totally unfair. The world is still superstitious and beliefs are still quite basic sometimes.

Sorry about the badly placed adverts on your page! I can’t do much about as they are placed automatically.

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