“MinusDetails Bear Butt” {one of the best black cat names} (4 months old) – a solid black Cymric. A Cymric is a long haired Manx. This photograph is strictly ©copyright Helmi Flick – please respect copyright

Abracadabra Ace Ace Of Clubs Ace Of Spades Addams
Africa Alacazam Allhallow Aphotic Ash
Asha Ashley Asher Ashes Asheton
Asphalt Atramentous Bat Balcundi Baskerville
Batty Bedtime Behemoth Bitumen Black and White
Black Bart Black Beauty Blackbeard Blackberry Blackcat
Blackest Blackie Blackjack Blackster Black Night
Black Magic Blackmalkin Black Olive Black Orchid Blackout
Black Panther Black Pete Black Puma Black Rod Blacktop
Bootleg Bowtie Boycott Bruno Burma
Carbon Chance Char Charcoal
Charna Charm Charred Cheerless Chesspiece
Checkers Cinders Cleopatra Club Coal
Coaldust Coffee Bean Coke Conjura Conjure
Cooyung Corey Crow Cosmic Creepers Crepuscular
Darth Vader Dark Darkus Darkside Death
Deep Purple Denzil Diablo Diabolic Dingy
Dirty Dolan Domino Duanna Dusk
Ebon Ebony Ebony and Ivory Eclipse
Egypt Eightball Enigma Ember Expresso
Fate Fia Fluke Fortune Fortuna
Guinness Good Luck Graphite Graveyard Guenhwyvar
Halloween Hecate Hocus Pocus Hoodoo
Horseshoe Hue Huyen
Inca Indian Ink
Indigo Indistinct Ink Inkspot Inkwell
Jack Tar Java Bean Jamal Jet
Jet Black Jiji Jinx Joker Juju
Kala Kooroola Kuroneko-sama Licorice Lights out
Livid Lucian Lucifer Lucy Lucky
Magic Magpie Majestic Marmite Midnight
Ming Mojo Monotone Moonless Moonrise
Moon shadow Mora Moritz Morticia Mourning
Murky Mystery Mystic
Nebulous New Moon
Nigel Night Nightflight Nightmare Nighttime
Oboe Obsidian Omen Onyx
Orion Othello Overcast
Pagan Panther
Panthera Pepper Pepsi Phantom Pharoah
Pharoah Pigment Pitch Pitch Black Pluto
Poe Pollution Preto Puma
Roadway Rootbeer
Sable Sabrina Salem
Satan Satanic Sauda Schrödinger Shade
Shadow Silhouette Sin Sinister Slate
Smoke Smokey Somber Sooty Spade Flush
Spades Speakeasy Spooky Starless Stygian
Storm Storm cloud Sullivan Sunless Svartalf
Swarz Sweep Tar Tarmac Tenebrous
Terrible Thunder Tobias Unlit Vader
Vague Vamp Vandal Vegemite Velvet
Voodoo Wednesday Wicca Wiccan Wizard

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