Black Cat Necklace

black cat necklace

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Want a black cat necklace? Click on the link to buy the above Sterling Silver White and Treated Black Diamond Cat Pendant with 18 inch chain.

There can see a lot of necklaces with black cats if you search North American Amazon:

The fact that these necklaces are popular yet the black cat itself is the least likely to be re-homed from a cat rescue center or shelter and that black cats are or were synonymous with cults and superstitious beliefs is interesting.

There is a firework manufacturer called Black Cat Fireworks in the USA. That conjures up the night. And black cats were witches familiars. There is a pile of superstition surrounding the black cat. In some countries or places it is good luck if a black cat walks in front of you, yet it has the opposite meaning elsewhere. Mad.

For those interested in a bit of science I touch on the genetics behind this type of cat coat on this page: Black Cats (new window).

Here’s my all black cat, Charlie, sticking his tongue out at me – rude thing he is..:

Black cat Charlie sticking his tongue out at me.
If there is anyone in the black cat necklace manufacturing business visting this page, you are welcome to promote your work on this page  – just fill in the form.

In the wild, the classic spotted tabby wildcat coat sometimes turns to black with very faint ghost marking/pattern. These are melanistic cats. See a melanistic Chausie and Jungle cat (a wildcat). The classic melanistic wildcat is the “black panther”. This phrase is a layman’s term for the  jaguar or leopard that has a black coat: Black Panther Pictures.

A well known example by now is an F4 Savannah cat at A1 Savannahs: Melanistic F4 Savannah Cat. Here she is below….

Melanistic f4 savannah cat climbing fencing
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