Black cat that looks like a crow (viral). Here’s why.

When you lighten the shadows and specifically lighten the left eye and ear, the reason why the cat looks like a crow becomes obvious. In the darker version the cat’s left eye and ear are too dark to be seen and therefore we have one ear looking like a beak and one eye looking like the right eye of a crow. The key to this mind-bending image is, (a) the cat is black (b) the cat is looking up with a twisted neck and (c) the image is underexposed so the shadows have no detail.

Black cat looks like crow
Black cat looks like crow. The original dark version.
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Cat looks like crow lightened
Lightened image showing some detail in the left eye and ear.

I guess it it pretty obvious but on first looking at the image all you see is a crow. I suppose if you did not know that this was a cat you might continue to believe that you were looking at a crow.

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