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Black cats abandoned because they don’t look good in selfie photographs — 28 Comments

  1. Right now I have a rescued furry black lump with huge scared eyes; he’s hiding at the back of an open carrier. Knowing that black cats don’t get homes as readily I will probably bend my “old cats only” policy and keep him. It means keeping his tabby brother, but que sera.

    My black moggy Scrapper had incredible personality. Black Tulip was fragile and just grateful for a safe home. Black Thenie was also a character (aren’t all cats?) Who cares about photos – cats are companions, not props.

    • Aww poor kitty. Hopefully the kitty will get brave and come out. Moggies are the best Cats or kittens to get in my opinion. πŸ™‚ Yes older Cats are just as nice if you can give them what they need. good luck.

  2. I love black cats, ofcourse.
    What struck me most of all about this was that it was written that people can’t tell one from another. Well, ofcourse, they can’t because they don’t know them.
    I spend time with no less than 25 completely black cats and know each and every one. I know their faces, walks, “quirkiness”, even their butts. They have names, and I could pick any one of them out of a lineup.

  3. Though I know black cats have always been left behind and last in the queue I find it hard to believe that anyone would be so shallow as to dump a cat because it doesn’t look good in the stupid modern craze that is “selfies” my God how low can people stoop and how much more ignorant and cruel can they get? My heart aches for our two black girls Ebony and Popsy, they were beautiful, inside and out and would never have been rejected for any reason.

    • I so agree with you, Barbara. “my God how low can people stoop and how much more ignorant and cruel can they get?” really sums it up for me. ‘Cept I might use some other descriptive words beside ignorant. πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi Micharl. She is registered as a Turkish Angora. At a show in Germany she was awarded 3 CAC EX-ls all in one day. The judges said “What a sweet cat “. She is one of this group of colony cats before I adopted her, probably the one in the middle.

  5. Hi Michael. She is registered as a Turkish Angora. She won 3 CAC EX-ls at a WCF show in Germany all in one day. The judges commented ” Such a sweet cat ” She gets a tremendous thick fur coat during Winter. She is one of this group of colony cats , probably the one in the middle.

  6. I have always thought Black cats were lucky, some old superstition about one crossing your path (not sure if it was in front or behind), and to me they somehow look special though I can’t put my finger on why.

  7. Even here in New Zealand herald about this on TV on the news tonite. Can’t understand why people not taking cause of the reason they dont look good in photos. Black Cats are so beautiful, I have two beautiful black Cats jasmine & Ozzie. Its just their Coat that makes them Different their personalty’s is what make them so loved. Also another thing cause they are black often very good Rat/Mouse Hunters as often the rat cant see them.

  8. I find it much more difficult to get an in-focus photo of white cats, There is too much reflected light from the coat which somehow fools the auto-focus and exposure. It helps to have a dark background but it ‘s all so erratic that it seems a matter of luck. None of my various cameras worked well on white cats. If I could find a friendly jet-black Angora I would snap it up in a jiffy.

  9. Roll on the day when racial prejudice being against the law, applies to cats as well as to human beings.
    How very small minded people are who think a black cat doesn’t look good in a ‘selfie’
    How ironic that those people are as ugly as sin themselves lol
    Who could be more beautiful than Narla who visits us? She was totally black, just turning brown with age now, she’s around 15 years old.

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