Black cats are less likely to be adopted unless a child makes the selection

The innocence of children bypasses the prejudice against black cats. Here is a solution to the difficulty that cat rescue organisations say they have in adopting out black cats. It’s not a complete solution but children don’t have the same superstitions and prejudices that adults have. They have a purity of thought. Their thoughts are much more direct and truthful. They are not coloured by life’s experiences which can distort one’s perceptions.

So when you, as a parent, go to a cat rescue center to select a cat for adoption, let your child choose. Perhaps rescue organisations should make this suggestion if a customer comes in with a child. They may find that there is a small pickup in black cat adoptions.

Jaxson chooses Noelle. Photo: The Toronto Observer
Jaxson chooses Noelle. Photo: Tijuana Turner of The Toronto Observer
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My thought comes from a story about the Toronto Cat Rescue, one of the city’s largest no kill, non-profit cat rescue shelters, reported in The Toronto Observer. Five-month-old Noelle (an excellent name for a black cat at Christmas) was an owner-surrender, which means she wasn’t wanted any more.

She was on display during the November 10 PetSmart Adoption Weekend event. The Tripodi family had recently lost their 10-year-old rabbit and were looking to adopt a new pet. Brothers Dylan (16 months of age) and Jaxson (five years of age) had no concept about black fur being associated with superstitions.

As you can see in the photograph, Jaxson found that he loved to stroke Noelle and she looked cute and it’s as simple as that. He said:

“I could pet her all day. Please, mommy, this one.”

End of story, and end of the black cat adoption problem. Let the kids select the cats especially when they are black.

Jaxson is a smart boy. He also said:

“I would never get rid of my cat. She’s cute and I like her to get used to our house and she’s welcome to our family.”

He knows cats guardianship is for the life of the cat. say that black cats are two thirds less likely to be adopted than other coat types. It’s a shame that, a lot of the time, people select cats in the same way they select cars. There’s a lot more to it than simply the colour of their fur.

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3 thoughts on “Black cats are less likely to be adopted unless a child makes the selection”

  1. Black is often touted as a reason to negatively label cats, dogs and horses, not forgetting humans too.

    Jaxson is a good cat man in the making!

  2. I think it’s sad that black cats are less adopted because of their colour. I love them myself and had the honor of having two in my life. As for the “guardian” surrenders, I hope the previous humans die! I have no respect for those that dump their kids because they are unwanted. That is a mind fuck to these kids! They are for life assholes!! And please stop using the word “owners”! We do not own the kids. They are not objects! They are sentient beings. We humans are their guardians.

    • I use both ‘owners’, ‘caretakers’ and ‘guardians’ which you will see if you read more articles. I know the word ‘owner’ is disliked by genuine cat lovers (and by me) but the public use it and a lot of the public who are neutral about cats read these pages as well. I think you are being a little bit extreme to be honest.


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