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Black guy asks Asian shop keeper for fried cat. Is this racist behavior?

Not cool. Racist prank. That’s what they are saying. I don’t want to get too heavily involved in the debate to be honest. It is too delicate. The guy wants to buy fried cat and waves some dollar notes at her. She threatens to call the police.

Racism over cat meat in US. Screenshot from Twitter video – far use.

You decide for yourselves if it’s racist stereotyping. The woman appears to be running a convenience store. In the UK we call them corner shops. The video was posted on Nov 16th. It has been seen 10m times. The man is Anthony Williams, who calls himself ‘Cool Ant’.

Cool Ant

It does seem, however, that Asians (specifically the Chinese and Vietnamese where cat and dog meat is common) have made a rod for themselves with which they are being beaten by some Americans. It is an acquired reputation which hangs around their necks. If China wants to rid themselves of the reputation the solution is simple: ban cat and dog meat and enforce the ban vigorously.

The author of The Daily Dot article, Samantha Grasso, writes that cat meat is no longer common in Asia but I disagree. Years ago wrote a post about this on a blogger subdomain.

I wrote then:

“They have market(s) where cats are part killed (by hitting on the head for example) to preserve freshness. I don’t think that that can ever be supported. Apparently in winter in Guangzhou, 10,000 cats are eaten daily….”

Cat meat market Vietnam

To the best of my knowledge, cat and dog meat is still commonplace in the south of China, specifically in Guangzhou, the most populous city of the province of Guangdong in southern China. And in parts of Vietnam. The governments of these countries do nothing about it and see nothing wrong with it.

There is a gulf in cultures between the East and West. If you can eat cows why not eat cats, that’s the argument. That’s what they say. The response is that (a) they kill the cats brutally and inhumanely and (b) cats are pets. Oh and they kill dogs and cats for their fur in the millions. They kill so many – in the most brutal and disgusting manner – that real dog fur in the West is cheaper than fake fur! Yes, this fur still finds its way to the West. If only consumers knew about it.

So if a black guy takes the piss out of an Asian woman in America over the habit of some Asians in Asia of eating someone’s pet cat after mistreating it, is a bad thing? Is it racist? A lot of people are disgusted by it and I believe the person who originally posted the video has since deleted it but it is still on the internet.

Grasso is wrong, I believe, when she says, “Even Asian cultures that historically ate cat do not eat cats, or are drastically cutting back…”

Cat and dog meat is not a part of the history of Asia. It is current and I for one detest it. It is barbaric. Hundreds of thousands of cats are trucked to the south of China, crammed onto lorries. These cats have been taken from the streets. They’ll be strays and pets. Who knows? No one seems to care. They are considered free livestock by the heartless people involved in harvesting these animals for the sprawling horror of cat meat markets in Guangzhou.

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