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Black Lion Photo — 6 Comments

  1. Very good manipulation if you look at the paws you can see the texture of the fur which makes the colour look quite real. Love deviant art I know an artist who uses it.

  2. Black is a natural barrier to sickness. We are seeing melanistic cats all over South America. It is natures way of defending species against extinction. I wonder if there could ever be black lions again. I’m sure there were in the past. They would of been beautiful.

      • Michael you are right about manipulation. It can be done to unbelievable extents – you could never tell.

        I’m often asked to ‘create’ things in photos for the purpose of then using the photo in a bigger layout. Sometimes I have to add more sky so we can have the text on the picture where the sky is but we need the extra room of the photo doesn’t quite cover the whole page at just over 100%. Usually you shouldn’t go past 110%.

        Anyhow – this person did a pretty decent job – go reflection on the fur. But the head aint so good. The body is brilliant.

        • Do you remember the days before digital photography when people complained that digital images were fake and could not be trusted? Now we are used to seeing exaggerated images. For example the modern landscape photograph in colour is full of digital manipulation, high contrast, high saturation and looking distinctly unreal. I think eventually people will become tired of these sorts of images. There is a beauty in the simple, straightforward photograph that captures something special. Ultimately these photographs are far more powerful than a highly manipulated ones are.

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