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Black Maine Coon Cat — 5 Comments

  1. I am looking for a mountain coon cat so he or she would have a home.My mom is nearly 82yrs old n would love to be a companion for both of them..thxs

    • Hi Karen. Thank you for commenting. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a Maine Coon cat. Are saying that your mother would like a cat companion or are you referring to yourself? Just be aware that if your mother would like to look after a cat her age is a factor. It would probably be better if she adopted an elderly cat of which there are very many at shelters. Sometimes it is impossible to adopt a purebred Maine Coon cat at a shelter but if not purebred there are often what are called “Maine Coon mix” cats at shelters and these are Maine Coon cats one removed from being purebred. They look like Maine Coons and are excellent companion cats.

  2. Love this black Maine coon. Would love to find a breeder in North Queensland Austrlia.Maybe you can help me find one around this area. Thankyou for your help.

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