Black Panther at Dale Hollow, Ky

Black Panther at Dale Hollow, Ky

by Patricia Shelley
(Cumberland County, Ky)

We lived close to the Ky state park, Dale Hollow. About 30 years (1981) ago my young son and I was driving home when we watched a Black Panther cross the road.

As I watch trying to get a handle on what I’d just saw my two year said “Cat” and shook his head yes!


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Note: Black panther in this context means a melanistic mountain lion, cougar or puma (all the same cat species).

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Black Panther at Dale Hollow, Ky

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Sep 18, 2011 Range
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing Patricia. Ky is no longer in the range of the cougar. There seems to be the odd sighting in the east of the USA however. Here is a map of the cougar range as at 2011:

View Puma Cat Range in a larger map

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