Black Panther in Epping Forest UK!

Big cat sighting in ancient woodland park near London…..!

Black panther sighting - picture taken near London UK

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Not bad is it? You can probably tell that it is not real but on a casual glance in the mist you might not be so certain. This black panther “big cat” is, in fact, a stuffed toy that was dumped in Epping Forest illegally and then someone put it on the branch of the tree.

The point I am gently making is that it is quite easy to produce a “big cat sighting” in the UK and they routinely occur at least once, annually.

You can see the real thing on this page. This black panther plush toy is far too insubstantial to be the real thing, which is more muscular, bigger and powerful looking. “Black panther” usually refers to the melanistic jaguar or leopard and occasionally the black puma.

The photo is “as is” except for adding an old feel to it. I believe it was taken by a City of London forest keeper.

17 thoughts on “Black Panther in Epping Forest UK!”

  1. At first glance it does look like a real panther.
    Marc we have lots of trees in the North, we have Hamsterley Forest just half an hour’s drive away and Bluebell woods around here and our Parks have lots of trees, the back of our Grove has rows of trees too, you’d love it here if you love trees, like I do 🙂

      • It’s a very rare species of half person/half feline, people have tried to catch and tame it for years but without success, it still goes around hugging trees and creeping through undergrowth and paddling in streams, even in graveyards. Its sister always arms herself with a camera when she goes out with it, she is used to its eccentricities and she loves and protects it 😉

  2. I didn’t realize they still had trees in England, forests even!

    When I lived in London the nearest place of natural wilderness (kind of) was the New Forest.

    The reason I left England is because it has no more wilderness or true nature and I got depressed always having to drive for hours to get to the nearest real forest – if you could call it that.


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