Black Panther: Living Statue

This is a black panther photo taken in Berlin Zoo by Raphael Kugel. For me, it is a very sad but interesting photograph. The picture is on Raphael’s Flickr photostream. Raphael kindly agreed to let me publish it here. I have adjusted it very slightly to try give it a little more impact (without over engineering it). This majestic cat looks like a statue. “Black panther” normally means a melanistic (black) jaguar. It can also mean a black leopard. This cat look likes a jaguar because of his bulk. Jaguars are bulkier than leopards.

Black Panther Picture

Black Panther Picture by Raphael Kugel

Raphael’s Flickr Photostream — see a page on American Zoos where you can see the wild cats.

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Black Panther: Living Statue — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful Photo.Read this very relevant and true story of a leopard that was trapped in “Sanjay Gandhi National park”” in Mumbai(Bombay) ,”Radio-Tagged” and later released in Malshej another distant part of the state. A Marathi film is being produced on the amazing journey of this leopard from Malshej back to Mumbai’s national park, thanks to the radio-collar tracking.Check the link :-

  2. It does look like a taxidermy in some way. The sad thing is the huge brick wall behind. It’s awful really. I wonder what the rest of the ‘pen’ is like.

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