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  2. Saw a black cougar on Grass Mountain at 6:20 pm tonight . Still in shock . April 9 , 2013 . Prints should still be there tomorrow .

  3. I live in the country in KY approximately 15 miles from Lexington. This week a “panther” was encountered on my property. Fish & Wildlife must have “proof” before they will intervene. I am terrified. Any suggestions? The cat has been seen by two different men. Described as 2 – 2 1/2 feet tall, 3 – 4 feet long (excluding long tail), very large head, black all over.

    • Hi Sue, this will be melanistic cougar if the sighting is correct but the cougar (AKA mountain lion or puma) does not have a very large head, which would indicate an escaped captive jaguar perhaps (jaguars are not native to North America). Who knows.

      If the cat is a cougar, they are shy of people and very, very rarely (14 times in a century?) attack people, usually smaller people like children.

      If I were you, I would just behave normally but be observant. They can be frightened off. I have a page on mountain lion attacks.

      Jaguars are a different sort of animal and I would be surprised if it was a jaguar.

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