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  1. I met a very compassionate black woman while at the vet clinic. She found a tiny black kitten, possibly four weeks old, at the end of her driveway all alone and said her children wanted to keep it. She didn’t want it and brought it to the vet in hopes of the vet keeping it. The vet did not keep it, and it was evident that she was not happy at all.

    The woman was standing at the counter and “holding” the kitten in a small, clear, shallow plastic box with the lid open, almost at arms length. The kitten was standing in the box, terrified and shaking. The woman offered it no comfort.

    She placed the box on the counter to settle her bill, and I picked the kitten up. It immediately relaxed into my chest. I almost cried because I was not able to take it home. The woman was not happy that I gave the kitten back.

    I heard all my life the same tales about black people not liking cats. This woman was proof that some still do not. I must give her credit though. In spite of her not wanting it, she at least provided it with vet care. I hope she took it home and changed her mind about liking it.

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