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Black Smoke Cat With White Mane — 19 Comments

  1. Kylee I have an Ozzie and he goes the same he has the most amazing colours which I love Browns. Reds even a dark Grey!

  2. wow hes or shes beautiful love the colours. Ozzie goes differnt colours in the summer a redbrown but that is just amazing

  3. Thank you for the information. He’s a pretty unique cat, so it’s only fitting that he would have a unusual coat to go with him. Thank you Sarah, for the link with the pics it’s neat to see what may or may not happen to his coat. We’ll just wait and see. When I get a chance I’ll upload some pics of him. Thanks again. And Sarah I am sorry about Mr. Minns.

    • I’d love to see some pics and maybe add them to the page I linked to 🙂 Possibly there is a newly emerging mutation that causes this sort of progressive pigment loss (evenly spread rather than patchy). Thanks to the internet, these things are more often spotted!

  4. Ok, this is strange. The cat up top on the right looks exactly like my cat. He is 7 yrs old he has always been solid, dark black with a white collar, white toes on front and white feet on back and a white patch on his belly. All of a sudden about 2-3 months ago he started turning gray, it started around his neck, on the outside of the white, and then on his sides and now his belly is almost solid gray. He is inside only cat and always has been. It seems he gets more and more gray every single day. Weird!!! His name is Pee Pie!!

    • If he has a smoke coat with the inhibitor gene it seems that the gene is working more and there is less pigmentation. Or due to age + the inhibitor gene the effect is more hair strands that contain less pigmentation. He sounds like a great looking cat. Thanks for sharing.

    • This sounds like a manifestation of vitiligo where the pigment-producing cells quite producing pigment. It can occur in patches (snowflake) or salt-and-pepper. As the number of white hairs increases the cat turnes progressively paler. The ultimate result is a white cat with perhaps a few residual black hairs. Luckily it’s a harmless cosmetic condition.

      Check out Neptune (Progressive Pigment Loss) at the foot of this page http://messybeast.com/roan-tweed.htm

  5. Brilliant as usual, Sarah.
    I’m so sorry about Mr Minns. It’s so heartbreaking.
    I apologize. I take those things very hard.

  6. Quite normal – in fact visibility of the pale undercoat is highly desirable in show quality smoke longhairs. The longer the hair, the more white on the hair shaft and the more dramatic effect. The reason it shows up in winter isn’t a lack of sunlight (got to debunk that one!) or anything nutritional it’s purely because the winter coat is naturally longer than the summer coat. That’s why the major British championship cat shows are held from October onwards – the cats are shown in full winter coat.

    PS: Mr Minns, whom you met a while back, has to be euthanized in the next few days so I’ll not be online much. If you need a query answering you’ll need to email me with a URL.

    • Oh Sarah. My love to Mr Minns and may he have a good journey over the rainbow bridge. Good luck with this.

      The longer the hair, the more white on the hair shaft and the more dramatic effect

      Are you sure you are correct about this? The ruff hair is not that much longer and it is white throughout. It is not just that there is “more white” – it is all white. Therefore it has changed color as well as being longer it seems to me.

      • Certain – the grey undercoat hair grows particularly thick and long for the winter so there is much more pale grey to balck in the colour ratio. It’s a reaction to day length and temperature (growing the undercoat).

        (Minns took the big sleep at 1.20 this afternoon. He was ready to go and it was quick and peaceful.)

    • Thanks Dee. I am never quite sure because there in nothing to check against! I just have to try and figure it out and make sense of it. I am pleased you agree.

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