Blackhole Litter Mat Product Review

The Blackhole Litter Mat is a perfect accessory for any cat owner who is OCD about their house being clean all of time or for the animal shelter who wants to keep their shelter beautiful and inviting to the public. Having this product can help staff better utilize time and drive more people toward adopting a cat. It can be really difficult to keep up with aggressive diggers or great jumpers without the use of a high quality litter mat like the Blackhole Litter Mat.

The Blackhole Litter Mat is sold by Moonshuttle and has revolutionized the way that most cat owners and shelters deal with cat litter maintenance in 2019. I was almost to the point of implementing highly elaborate cardboard hacks in an effort to reduce the spread of cat litter from the box. It was not uncommon for me to wake up to cat litter being spewed all the way from one corner of my room to the other corner of my room.

One of my larger cats will attempt to claw to the bottom of the litter box and then kick the litter out like it is a recognized Olympic sport. Most people would have guessed that my cat was going for the Olympic gold medal in cat litter digging. My largest cat which is a Siberian makes the situation even worse because he is extra long-haired plus he has prominent tufts of long hair between each toe on all four feet.

Blackhole Litter Mat Packaging

Having a 2000 square foot house might sound like more of a good thing than a bad thing until litter starts ending up on furniture and desks throughout the house. I would have to vacuum or sweep up the cat litter up around 5 times a day because having 15 cats means that the litter boxes would be visited at least 30 times a day cumulatively. I made an effort to scoop each box three times a day but it simply wasn’t enough to keep up with the mess.

I decided that I had to find a better solution to cat litter tracking after I found cat litter about 30 feet away from one of the bigger boxes when I got home from work on a Sunday evening and just wanted to relax. I also wanted to come up with a method to prevent the spread of cat litter away from the box that I could recommend to clients and animal shelters. The last thing that we should be having to live with is the initial explosion of litter across the house that results from your cat’s victorious litter box leaps after he has urinated or defecated.

Litter Caught In Mat

I was first introduced to the Blackhole Litter Mat on a popular cat forum after I found that most litter mat products on the market are completely second rate in terms of quality, cleanliness, and functionality. Other name brand litter mats held the cat litter on top instead of inside and did not push out cat litter from toe tufts which resulted in little protection against tracking.

I was reading literature and testimonials on the thread about litter mats which all were in agreeance that the Blackhole Litter Mat is the only mat that will stop 90% of litter tracking and litter explosions as the result of jumping in or out of the box. Other mats are just second rate in my professional opinion even though they cost much less than this one does.

Technical Information

The Blackhole Litter Mat is available in 3 different designs and 3 different colors for individuals or shelters who have different preferences and want to match their decor. The rectangular version is available in 30×23 which is the best for multiple cat households or animal shelters who have large community rooms. I love that the mat was shipped flat so that it would not curl or bend which would be just irritating. The largest litter mat is 36x25x0.5 which is just one size above the one that you see in this article.

The Blackhole Litter Mat utilizes a dual structure concept which is simply breathtaking and is a piece of art once you start to analyze it for how much work and thought was put into the design. The dual support system was specifically made to hold spilled cat litter without allowing it to fall onto the floor underneath the mat. The dual structure mat does not feature annoying twists or turns of the rubber like other mats which can be harmful to your cat’s paws and is ineffective for catching cat litter.

Blackhole containment system

The top part of the litter mat utilizes a honeycomb design which is a cluster of medium sized bumps to help squeeze the paws to make all of the extra cat litter fall to completely flat surface underneath which is the trapping layer. The bumps do not cause pain or discomfort while squeezing. This mat is unique because the two pieces of the mat are connected on either side but not on the top or bottom. Not having the top and bottom connected allows you to pick up the litter mat and make your own opening for the purpose of emptying it.

Every Blackhole Litter Mat is made out of non-toxic gentle EVA foam which is super light and is safe for all pet and humans to have contact with. The litter mat is easy to move around and to empty once it is full because it is only three pounds. The Blackhole Litter Mat will help with almost any cat litter including clumping and clay.

Works With:

  • Clumping
  • Clay
  • Crystal
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Pellets

The head shape and medium square versions are 23×21 and are ideal for small households or small community rooms where there is one to three cats. The colors that the mats come in are gray, green and a rich beige color which is aesthetically pleasing and is my favorite of the three colors.

Cleaning The Mat

Cleaning the mat is relatively simple and is something that I recommend people do every three months with a garden hose to keep it looking and smelling great for years to come. I like to take my sink sprayer to wash it out about once a week since I have 15 cats. I like to wash the entire mat down since it is water proof then leave it out in the sun to dry for three to four hours.

Other litter mats are impossible to clean because they are usually made of cloth or bamboo material and are not waterproof so washing them out would ruin them. I tried to spray out an old Easology brand litter mat the other day which was a large undertaking compared to washing out the Blackhole Litter Mat. I like to empty the litter mat into the trash can every 2 to 3 days and give it just spot clean when I do so with a rag and some Nature’s Miracle spray. You can also just dump the mat into your litter box if you want to preserve cat litter.

My favorite mat is the largest size mat because it is a fantastic addition to the Litter Robot 3 Open Air. I currently have the litter mat which is one size below the largest since I have limited space to devote to litter boxes and mats at this time.

The Litter Robot and Blackhole Litter Mat combo will cut down vacuuming and sweeping by 99% and the frequency at which cat litter is tracked around the house. You will no longer have to walk over fine granules that will stick to your socks or shoes when moving from room to room to complete basic tasks.


I would not waste 15 to 25 dollars on any other litter mat on the market since they do not work well for most cat households. The amount of cat litter caught in other mats when compared to this brand was simply embarrassing to say the least. Your efforts to contain all of the cat litter will no longer have to be in vain.

The $40 price for the Blackhole Litter Mat might seem high initially but will save you more money in the long run once you crunch the numbers of not having to replace cheap mats over and over. This litter mat will last two to four times longer than competing brands.

Blackhole Litter Mat Accessories

The mat will work with most cat litters plus it is scratch resistant. The Blackhole Litter Mat is great for your cat to scratch if he decides to just like my lynx pointed Siamese cat does. So far the Blackhole Litter Mat has suffered no damage from the scratching even though she has decreased this behavior over the last week.

The mat does have limitations just like any product such as not catching 100% of all cat litter which is not a realistic expectation of any product. Employing the Blackhole Litter Mat and combining it with the Litter Robot 3 Open air is absolutely the best strategy that you can use at eliminating the track of cat litter. From the picture you can also tell that I bought the Litter Champ which is a triple seal locking system for odors.

The Litter Robot has a powerful litter containment system of its own which includes a rubber mat and a lip extender which are very well designed and are also about 90% effective at keeping litter inside. The incredible defense of the Litter Robot and the Blackhole Litter Mat together will virtually keep all of the cat litter away from your floors.

Breakdown and Analysis

Cleaning: 8/10

Safety: 8.1/10

Effectiveness: 9.1/10

Packaging: 8/10

Value: 9/10

Aesthetics: 8/10

Durability: 8.5/10

Comfort: 8/10

Customer Service: 10/10


I received this product for my cat rescue at no cost to me in exchange for writing this review. The free product did not persuade my opinion and my views on this product does not necessarily reflect the opinion of other writers on this website. All of the opinions listed are my own after extensively testing this product with over 20 cats from a range of different backgrounds and personalities.

  • Large size is here
  • Extra large size is here
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