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Blanca.. the ex-feral cat

Blanca.. the ex-feral cat

by Tom
(Nashville, TN)

Blanca and Calene the Shih-tzu sharing a moment

After moving to my new, rustic home in the country, I soon noticed several long hair cats, all either solid black or solid white, living in the woods. They seemed mostly nocturnal, and would dart across the dirt road leading to my house and disappear into the brush.

One day I looked out my window and saw one of the white cats prowling nervously in my yard. She looked thin. I opened the door to offer her some food, but of course she dashed into the woods. Later that afternoon I noticed her again, creeping up to the dish of food I had left out for her. This began a process of leaving the food closer and closer to the porch, then letting her see me in the door, and finally actually coaxing her to the bowl while I stood on the porch.

To make this long story short.. eventually she actually let me touch her and much later to even pick her up though she was not comfortable with it. After she mysteriously disappeared for several days I discovered that she had a litter of 5 kittens in a den under a wood pile. I visited the kittens every day until they got used to having me handle them. As soon as they were weaned I took their mother, Blanca, to the vet and had her spayed. The kittens were all successfully adopted out.

Five years later, Blanca is an almost ideal house cat. She interacts a bit cautiously with humans, but loves to stay in the house, has adjusted to living with dogs, and sleeps almost every night lying on my chest. She still has quirks like not liking her back stroked, though she loves having her head scratched. She balks when picked up but never scratches or bites. She prefers to use the bathroom outside, and still hunts avidly.

We have become very fond of her and she seems at times, even protective of my family. I am surprised that people think feral cats cannot be tamed to become reasonably good pets. We would not trade her for anything.


Blanca.. the ex-feral cat to Feral Cats

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Blanca.. the ex-feral cat

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Oct 01, 2010 MAGICAL

Dear Tom,I also have be-friended my local ALLEY KATS....From 1 there is now 12..but all get a worthy meal and water....YET..! i have...SOOOOoooo many questions ..???? and dilemas rsvp...Re: Nibbles..& Scooter

Jul 24, 2009 feral friends
by: kathy

i was glad to see your story because right now i have a feral female long haired little lovely black beauty in a cage in my kitchen waiting to go to the spay and stay clinic she also just weaned 4 kitties who also were adopted out she is semi tame and im hoping to make her a pet if she is willing to stay inside she doesnt like our cat so shes staying in the cage so they can get used to each other her claws are very sharp and i dont want my baby getting injured by her i hope i have success like you did

Jul 22, 2009 In response...
by: Tom

Thank you guys for your comments. I can tell you all are cat lovers, or perhaps like me, an animal lover in general. My family and I feel truly blessed to have Blanca in our lives, and are proud of the great strides she made to adapt to her new life.

Jul 22, 2009 Beautiful.
by: Margaret McCann

Just beautiful!

Jul 22, 2009 i am inlove with the photo
by: franz

nice story and the photo is so cats and my dog get along very well too...

Jul 22, 2009 Lovely photo
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Well done for persevering with Blanca, it's not impossible to tame ferals but it's very very hard and takes time and patience as you found out, sadly most people give up !

That is a lovely photo of Blanca and Calene together. Your story has cheered my day up a lot!

Thank you

Jul 22, 2009 Love these stories
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

I love this sort of story and yours is particularly nice. They are my favourite stories. It is very positive, in which the cat and person (and dog!) benefit and it's nicely told too.

Thanks for sharing it. It has made a nice contribution to the site.

Michael Broad

Hi, I am 70-years-of-age at 2019. For 14 years before I retired at 57, I worked as a solicitor in general law specialising in family law. Before that I worked in a number of different jobs including professional photography. I have a longstanding girlfriend, Michelle. We like to walk in Richmond Park which is near my home because I love nature and the landscape (as well as cats and all animals).

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