Blind and suffering from mange, witness the incredible transformation of this abandoned cat in Florida

This is the story of Cotton, an angelic white beauty found wandering the streets of Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Cotton was in pitiful condition when he walked up to a man who spotted him and began eating from the bowl of food the man had brought along for his own cat.

Cotton before and after
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It appeared Cotton hadn’t eaten for days, and the Good Samaritan who found him wasn’t quite sure what to do. So he did what many of us do it times of need: he turned to Facebook and asked for someone to help the cat.

Carmen Weinbert, the founder of Animal Friends Project, reached out to help Cotton, who was so covered in mange he couldn’t open his eyes. This meant he was “blind.” Carmen was determined to help the destitute feline. She picked him up the following morning and drove him to her vet, where it was confirmed Cotton was suffering from mange.

Video is graphic, but what a transformation at the end

Now Cotton is gorgeous, and when his eyes finally opened, it was discovered he had one blue eye and one gold eye. Now Carmen is looking for a forever home for this beautiful boy. Cotton’s personality is such that he needs a family who doesn’t mind him being where they are ALL the time. No longer blind, he loves being around people! Click here for more information on how to adopt Cotton or to make a donation.

If you’d like to see more photos of Cotton (some are very graphic) please click here.


2 thoughts on “Blind and suffering from mange, witness the incredible transformation of this abandoned cat in Florida”

  1. This is Cotton, and he is precious. He reminds me of Valentino, another cat currently recovering from sarcoptic mange and ringworm. I am happy for them both. I wish every cat that needs treatment could be helped exactly like this. There are millions of strays and street cats, some suffering like this. They all deserve a chance at a decent life, healthy and pain free.

  2. I wonder how many people saw poor Cotton but did nothing. That horrifies me. I always try to make up for that by doing more, and have twice taken cats to the vet that not only I didn’t own, but I knew other people did. Cotton really turned out to be an awesome cat… wow! Plus, there’s something about white cats… the ones I’ve known really stole my heart.


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