Blind Cat Hugs Smartphone Playing Piano Music

This is a very touching short video of a ginger tabby, blind cat who likes piano music. The video shows it all so I won’t describe it in words. The cat’s name is Namik. The pianist loves cats and is Sarper Duman. Sarper has seen the video and is delighted and moved:

“This has been the most touching message I’ve received. This beautiful blind cat’s name is Namik. They say he acts that way whenever he is shown my videos. Always be happy, Namik.”

Below is a video. Tap the screen and it will play in a loop…..

Sarper likes playing piano with cats! Perhaps Sarper knows the sort of sounds which please domestic cats.

Sarper Duman playing piano with cat
Sarper Duman playing piano with cat
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Why does Namik like the sound so much? I have speculated above and perhaps there is also an association. Perhaps his caretaker plays the piano too. The sound is reassuring and reminds him of his owner’s presence.

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2 thoughts on “Blind Cat Hugs Smartphone Playing Piano Music”

  1. It’s all relative, which is also why I believe cats could be easily trainable if we are really adept at it. This video is SO moving! It does sound like something most cats would like. I’ve tried various kinds of music and instruments but I’m not sure what really gets to them. They are complex beings so I imagine they are like us and like a different kinds at different times.

  2. So sweet! And a perfect way to promote Sarper’s music by sharing this, so other cats might benefit. I don’t play
    music for my cat, unless I’m going to be away for hours. I try various ones recommended for cats. I’ll see how she responds to this. A blind cat would most likely be more sensitive.


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