Blind cat ‘Nado’ rescued from the rubble of Texas animal shelter destroyed by a tornado (picture)

This is such a tender, sad, compelling photograph of a blind cat who was rescued from the Jacksboro Animal Shelter in Texas. The shelter was destroyed by a tornado. It seems that Texas has been affected by tornadoes recently. Perhaps they’ve been off the news because of the Ukraine invasion.

They named the cat ‘Nado’ after the word “tornado”. His face is accepting but confused by what he’s experienced. It shows a stoicism which is so admirable of domestic cats. And he is held tenderly by his rescuer. She found him on Tuesday and said that he appeared frightened but was in good health overall.

Blind cat Nado rescued from tornado damaged animal shelter in Texas

Blind cat Nado rescued from tornado damaged animal shelter in Texas. Photo: Facebook page of Denton Animal Support Foundation.

She cleaned him up. The Facebook page of Denton Animal Support Foundation tells us that Nado was found in the rubble of the shelter. He’s been checked out by veterinarian and taken to the Spring Town Animal Shelter.

In a follow-up message, a commenter on Facebook, perhaps linked to the foundation, said that Nado did not go into foster care and will not be up for adoption. It seems that the rescuer will probably adopt him. I am speculating. They don’t want people to contact the ACO (believed to be the animal control officer) about Nado as he has a lot of work to do to assist in plans to rebuild the shelter. There’s been lots of inbound text and emails in an outpouring of support and love for the animals.

Jacksboro Animal Shelter destroyed by Texas tornado

Jacksboro Animal Shelter destroyed by Texas tornado. Photo: Facebook.

The news website Fox4 KDFW reports another story about the damage caused by this tornado or tornadoes in Jacksboro including a photograph of the damage done to the shelter (see above) and a video of a woman rescuing a tabby cat from a home destroyed by the tornado (see screen grab below).

Texas tornados -- rescued cat

Texas tornados — rescued cat. Screenshot.

My attention was immediately drawn to the photograph of Nado. It does break the heart. It pulls at the heartstrings and while I write this it makes me a little tearful to think of him. Being blind, it must’ve been doubly difficult for him to cope with the noise and destruction around him. But stoically he dealt with it and now he is in good hands, cleaned up, in a warm home, fed and loved.

God, I love these animal rescuers. They are a force for good in a messed-up world. And let’s think of the cats and dogs in Ukraine right now. The ones left behind struggling to survive in the rubble of destroyed cities. Destroyed by that lying psychopath POO TIN.

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  1. Did you know FEMA denied this poor shelter emergency funds? They said they we not a business or a residential property! What a load of crap. I think they opened a Go Fund me to help them care for the survivors and rebuild.

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