Blind mother cat and earless son living outside seek new understanding home

Rachel and her son were living outside in a garden. Rachel is blind. She’s a tortoiseshell-and-white cat. She is about 13 years old. Her son, Ross, has lost his ears. He is five years old and white. His ear flaps were removed due to ‘skin damage’. This must refer to damage through either sunburn and/or forstbite (update: the RSPCA say it was sun damage). This is a hazard for white cats as there is less protection to their ear flaps from fur.

Ross and Rachel an earless son and his blind mother cat

Ross and Rachel. Photos: RSPCA.

Rachel was spotted in a garden in East Grinstead, UK bumping into things. Local residents were feeding her and her son. The pair are best friends and mother and son. It is believed that the pair were abandoned which is very sad if it is true.

“Ross is here with his mum Rachel after their previous owner no longer wanted them.”(RSPCA)

They are now with the RSPCA for rehoming. Ross’s appearance is unusual. I think they’ll find a nice home together. They enjoy each other’s company which is not always the case with mother and son.

The new owners will have to be an experienced cat lover who understand the needs of a blind cat. I wonder too if Ross’s hearing is slightly impaired. They should be the only cats in their new home and there should be no kids!

They are at the RSPCA South Godstone Animal Centre [link].

Source: and RSPCA.

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Blind mother cat and earless son living outside seek new understanding home — 4 Comments

  1. I pray the people have the good judgement to keep Rachel and Ross together. I guarantee that Ross is Rachel’s “seeing-eye” cat. They are both beautiful.


  2. Oh wow, if I were near I’d drive almost any distance to adopt them. I had a white cat who was deaf, knew a neighbor white cat who had ear cancer and removed ears, and I’ve been wanting to adopt a blind cat. I’m good with challenged cats. Everyone would always explain “What the hell is that?!” when they saw the earless neighbor cat… funny. Yes, white cats who spend time outdoors do get damaged ears.



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