Blog Link Exchange

Blog Link Exchange

Blog link exchange is one of three methods whereby webmasters can enter into a limited partnership with other webmasters, to mutual benefit.

There are probably as many blogs as non-blog websites thanks to good old Google. But probably 99% are all but invisible in the bottomless ocean of the ever expanding internet.

This means that people are blogging for themselves as a kind of therapy. I don’t like to just do things in a vacuum as it gradually demotivates and becomes almost useless. There must be a purpose an there cannot be a wider purpose unless a significant number of people other than the author read what is written.

How to help achieve that? Create mini-partnerships by creating inbound links back to your site in an article submitted to another’s site.

This serves 2 purposes. Fresh content and inbound links – Google loves both of these. You get a higher page rank. You get a higher listing in the search listings. You get seen and therefore visited.

If you would like to participate in this program please make a short contribution at the forum page. It can be on a wide range of topics although there must of course be some reference to cats 🙂

Leave your email and I will reciprocate. Try it and see. I provide a guarantee that you will benefit more than me.

Feel free too to place a link in your article.

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