Blue Scottish Fold at the front remains calm during Russian shelling

It is astonishing to see a blue Scottish Fold as part of the Ukrainian army at the front line but Herych (Herald) is acquitting himself extraordinarily well. He is unfazed by the shelling. He turns his head towards the explosions in mild curiosity 😉 according to his human companion. Perhaps he has got used to it.

Herych is a blue Scottish Fold and a cat celebrity and fund raiser for the Ukrainian military. He is a great success. Image: Kyrylo Liukov who is his human caregiver and companion.
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I think his main role is in public relations. He is a huge success in that department. Herych joined up soon after the Russians invaded. His human companion is Kyrylo Liukov, a military coordinator for the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation, which delivers supplies to frontline units.

I understand that Herych visits the front line from his home in Kramatorsk, a city in Donetsk region. But that region is at the centre of fighting anyway. This cat celebrity has visited the front line more than 20 times according to the Politico website.

The photograph is eye-catching to say the least. I am used to seeing great-looking moggies fighting with the Ukrainian troops but this is different and the troops find Herych very interesting too.

Every time he was the star of a show, with so many fighters running to us to pet him and take a picture with him. Herych was patient – though a little shocked. At most he just turns his head to the sound [of Russian shelling] and that’s all.


Herych is an important fundraiser. His campaigning has raised millions of hryvnias, the equivalent of around £100,000 on my calculation.

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  1. This is how my cats are during 4th of July fireworks, they just don’t care. My 8 y/o, 80 pound dog is terrified and shake in fear. In fact my cats sit on the porch and watch the show. Maybe because I sit and watch too so they feel safe because I’m with them.


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