Blue Scottish Fold Named Gibson

by Amber
(Ontario Canada)

I have a blue Scottish fold named Gibson. He is two years old. When I first got him it was immediately apparent that he had some problems. His tail was limp, his feet were huge, his nails were abnormal, his knees poped, and his ears were full if ear mights.

He also seems to be a little accident prone. After taking him to the vet and getting his ear mites taken care of and all of his normal shots, he was put on a glucosamine supplement for his joints.

He improved considerably, so he started to become spunky and daring. He ended up in one of my old farm house windows playing around when he knocked the stick out and it came crashing down on him, with broken glass everywhere. This was the first set of x-rays (he was fine.)

Nine months old I noticed that his adult K9s did not come in, so back to the doc for more x-rays to see if they were impacted, nope just aren’t there.

Wow is my kitty ever broken.

I know that he may be in a little bit of pain, but I love him to pieces and I’m doing everything I can for him. He’s a momma’s boy.

Blue Scottish Fold Named Gibson to Scottish Fold

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Blue Scottish Fold Named Gibson

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Oct 23, 2009
poor kitty
by: kathy

Your cat is lucky to have someone like you. Most people probaly would have put him out of his so-called misery. Im glad you adopted him.

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