Boarding cattery in Norway looks great

Norwegian boarding cattery
Norwegian boarding cattery
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You can’t be anything other than impressed by what I have decided is a boarding cattery in Norway. It looks so beautiful and friendly. In the video the cats are being let out so they can spend time in the ‘common room’. Brilliant. In the past I have used British boarding catteries and they are not a patch on this. There is no comparison. One of the cats appears to be hairless, probably a Sphynx or Don Sphynx.

I love they way they come out of their bedrooms, stretch and go to the common room where there are many climbing frames and toys. They get on well too. I have not seen this before where the boarded cats mix and share the same space. I wonder if they ever have any problems with cats not getting along and even fighting. It looks so calm and controlled. It is hard to imagine a cat fight breaking out.

The video has been seen almost 11m times! Obviously a lot of people are very impressed as I am.

My thanks to Barbara Yabor for point this video out to me.

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  1. I hate to be that person but I am often am. I love the design but feel that the use of wood which is porous and hard to disinfect could contribute to the spreading of disease if a cat was to come in with an upper respiratory infection. I know our inspector does not allow the use of wood at all in our facility unless it is painted for that exact reason. Carpeted cat trees also are almost impossible to disinfect and so kuranda beds are often substituted for that reason. I am beyond impressed and most cats are vaccinated before they come in as I understand it so that would not be a major issue but potentially could be.


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